UPLIFTING - The atmosphere at Destination U.G.L.I.E reinforces our philosophy; "The way you think, controls your outcome"  Our motivational instructors are here to ensure you will meet your fitness goals.

GOAL ORIENTED - We have a private consultation with each team member to help design or help create a plan of action geared towards meeting your fitness goals.  Having a clear understanding of what each team member wants to accomplish,  helps us offer a customized plan of action.  

LIFE CHANGING - Most people when they hear the word, "workout" or "fitness", they have a very negative mental connection.  Some may force themselves to show up and get  through the workout,  however, that way of thinking usually leads to short term commitments to fitness.  By changing how we look at, and feel about fitness, we become more focused on our workouts.  In return, that new passion for  fitness releases stress, strengthens the mind and body and and also improves  overall health.  

INTENSE -Can you imagine a doctor operating on you while watching a television show?  How about your dentist updating his Facebook status while working  on your teeth?  Of course not!  No fancy flat screens, movies playing or any other distraction at Destination U.G.L.I.E.   We connect the mind and body to work as one while exercising.  Each exercise uses time allotment versus rep counts.  This allows a mixed class of beginners, intermediates, and advanced members to all work in the same environment and all receive a challenging workout at the same time.  

EXERCISE -​​​​ People become very frustrated with gyms, and fitness programs because they lack the knowledge of understanding what exercise works which muscle group.  Each exercise is explained in detail along with what muscles are being targeted during the process.  
Got questions?.... We have answers!
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