Body By Struggle isn’t just a fitness company; its a fitness revolution. At Body By Struggle, its all about you: your goals, your fitness, your program. Our clients range from new mothers trying to lose their baby weight, to your grandmother trying to lose the walker, and everyone in between. Health is a big concern for all of us, but at Body By Struggle, we do your health, your way. Founded by Erick Graves, aka Struggle E. Styles. Read Erick’s story below:

“People always ask me: how did I get the name Struggle? The name was given to me by my older brother. He said I was always an underdog and fought my way through any kind of struggle. I was born a breech birth, I was born underweight, , I had a stuttering challenge, I had a difficult time learning and was told I should be placed in special education classes. Even as a child, I would look at everything as a challenge. Within a month of teachers saying I should be in special education, I went from the bottom of the reading level to the top of the gifted and talented class.

It took a unique teaching method by a dedicated teacher to help me succeed. I overcame stuttering and went on to be a public speaker, and poet who spread my poetry all over the world. I became the fastest sprinter of the varsity track team my sophomore year in high school.

I would take challenges, break them apart, and then come up with different approaches to conquer them. Hence the name Struggle (to push back) E (eclectic, selecting best from various ideas) Stylez (various approaches).”

  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • Muay Thai Fitness
  • Group Training
  • Speed Agility & Quickness Specialist
  • Physique and Figure Training Specialist