Each Destination UGLIE team member (that’s you!) is encouraged to set goals for your fitness plan. Goals become milestones, milestones become achievements, and achievements become you at your healthiest.

Safe Exercise

Our staff of trainers are experts at proper form, exercise benefit, and exercise safety. Struggle E. Stylez is a certified personal trainer, and continues to update his certifications and knowledge. With our small class sizes, each team member has maximized attention.

Identify Weaknesses

At Body By Struggle, training is an ongoing process of determining your strengths and weaknesses, and addressing them so you grow stronger and feel your best. At Body By Struggle, you’re not just a member, you’re part of a team. You don’t just sign up to take a class; You become part of the Body By Struggle revolution.

Group Training

Body By Struggle provides group training that focuses on each individual. We search for what we call your “rosetta Stone”, to unlock your body’s unique code to maximize your potential and help you meet your goals.